CODE: T 018



This prop will allow you to perform the "ashes on arm effect not only with great ease, but almost impromptu. In addition, it will open the doors to a wider range of presentational approaches. This method is more simple and practical than any other method previously devised. The special pen will produce sharper and clearer messages on your arm or the back of your hand. In addition, you will now be able to make a message appear on a spectator's arm, without the aid of a stooge.

The pen is very easy to use. You can draw the suit and value of a playing card, a figure, a first name, a geometrical shape, a picture, etc. The message can be any size. The preparation will remain invisible at all times. Once you write the message or prediction on your arm, you will not be able to detect anything suspicious, such as a glare. It will stay invisible until the moment you reveal it.

The preparation only takes a few seconds. It does not take any longer than it would to write the message with a pencil. You can even prepare your arm during the effect itself as soon as you acquire the information you want to make appear. You can write your message on a large variety of surfaces such as, but not limited to: skin, paper, playing cards, and restaurant menus. You are only limited by your imagination. Each package comes with two pens. Each pen will produce a large quantity of messages. Comes complete with an entire booklet of ideas and routines.

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