CODE: BK1371


Arturo De Ascanio of Madrid, Spain started the whole business. His original manuscript, dated December of 1970 and typed in Spanish, was given to Mike Rogers (through the persuasion of Del Cartier) to be published in M-U-M. Rogers realized that the move caused some excitement at the convention in Amsterdam (July -1970) and American cardmen would appreciate learning something new and different. In fact, Rogers, Pete Biro, Herb Zarrow, and others that attended the convention in Holland were instrumental in "spreading the word." This manuscript will hopefully be instrumental in the "wording of the Spread," making it a technique that every cardman will be able to understand and do.

Effects Included...

  • The Basic Move by Ascanio
  • Serpentine Aces by Ascanio
  • 1-2-3-4 Flip! by Ed Marlo
  • The Homing Card ala Ascanio by Mike Rogers
  • The Universal Card ala Ascanio by Mike Roger
  • The Cannibal Cards by Pete Biro
  • The Undulating Universal
  • The Blocked Ascanio by Ed Marlo
  • Super Spread by Ed Marlo
  • The Upturned One by Racherbaumer
  • Monte Madness
  • Ladies Sing the Blues
  • Jackpot
  • plus 5 more tricks and thoughts about the spread...

Pages 35 - Saddle Stitched

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