A prediction envelope is shown in full view of the audience.

'The Boss' is called to the stage to find The Apprentice.

A shuffled pack of cards are shown and are placed into The Boss's pocket.

The entire audience of "Apprentices" stand up and The Boss starts to fire them in amusing ways: "...if your name starts with an R.. your fired!"

The rejects sit back down, and eventually one person is left standing....The Apprentice!

The Apprentice's first decision is to call out any number between 1 and 52.

The Boss removes the pack of cards, and counts to that chosen number in the pack.

The card at that chosen number is removed, and placed aside, while the rest of the cards are shown again to be all different.

The Apprentice reveals the prediction, and the chosen card is then shown to show be a perfect match.

  • No switching!
  • No sleight of hand!
  • Spectator counts the cards!
  • Spectator reveals the prediction!


"Darryl's Apprentice is a really fun and interactive routine with an incredible practical method that gets the job done!" - Nicholas Einhorn

"The Apprentice magic effect engages the WHOLE audience! It's bulletproof for every type of performance venue. Bottom line it will fool badly and entertain greatly." - Justin Flom

"The Apprentice is a substantial performance piece. A stage mentalism effect to close your show that'll end with you being hired again and again! .....I can't believe you're sharing it!" - Paul Roffman

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