Following the popularity of the Jumbo Appearing Wands, Poles, etc., we have found a unique and useful prop for the comedian, magician or clown. The Appearing 8-Foot Pencil!

The performer enters carrying a small paper sack. He insists that it contains his gigantic pencil. "Yes, it's this big!" (The performer mimes the size stretching his arms out to the sides). "It's in this bag. Yes, really, and it's this big" (again, mime the size). "You don't believe me, watch." Opening the paper sack, the performer pulls out a jumbo, 8-foot yellow #2 pencil, eraser and all. Talk about surprises.

It can be produced from your pocket, jacket, hat, or just about anywhere. Not an appearing cane principle, but something new and exciting. It really looks like a giant pencil. Great for school show performers, speakers, etc.

Once you use this you will never be without it.

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