CODE: G 073I


Four coins magically penetrate through a brass coin box.  As the name implies, this is another coin box to add to the several varieties already on the Market.  It was designed to serve the functions of several separate boxes, all rolled into a single box.  With this one box, you can perform virtually any routine calling for an Okito Box, a Boston Box, a German Box or Coin Cup, and more.

The shape and design resembles the original Okito Box.  There are additional recesses on the lid and cover, instead of the smooth top and bottom of the original Okito Box.  These recesses allow it to double as a Boston Box, being just the right size to take an American Half, or an old English Penny, or a pre-independence Indian Rupee, or a similar sized coin.  The recesses also offer additional facilities for some modern Okito Box moves.

Special precision box machined from Solid Brass with detailed instructions.

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