CODE: BK0798


Prepare yourself to take a literary joyride as you look at tricks you never dreamed of doing or thought possible with cigars, cigar bands, lighters, matches, matchboxes, cigar boxes, cigar ash, and smoke!

This book is a collection of the best-of-the-best stunts, from the simplest to the most challenging. This book is for everyone. Giovanni Liver and Jon Racherbaumer, both magicians and cigar aficionados, know the potential entertainment and amusement that lie at your fingertips by combining cigar smoking and magic. They know how to create memorable diversions and have now written a fun-to-read book for cigar smokers to create their own cigar smoking mystery.

It has been said there is something warmly chummy about a room full of cigar connoisseurs with the allure of marvelous cigars, exotic libations, lively banter, and venturesome men and women. What better setting for a little unexpected intrigue and mystery, the kind that tickles your imagination and makes you grin. So, permit this one-of-a-kind handbook to unleash the wizard within you. Become the smoker that smokes them with amazement, who suddenly turn heads, startle minds, and makes jaws drop.

If you love new experiences and are intrigued by novel and amazing things using commonplace cigar-smoking objects, cigars, wrappers, cigar bands, lighters, matches, match boxes, cigar boxes, cigar ash, and smoke. You will love the Amazing Cigar.

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