ou present an elegant stand, black base plate, silvery precision-ground metal rod, attached to which is a fine, completely transparent, rotating, six-pointed star made of Plexiglass with a sturdy metal clip on each point. The overall height of the prop is about 22 inches. That means it can be easily seen on a big stage and is also suitable for smaller settings.

You present two packs of playing cards, one red, one blue. The spectator has first choice and chooses a pack. (Let us say it is the blue pack.) You then take the red pack and remove three cards at random, which you attach to one clip on the star in each case with their backs facing the audience. These are your predictions. You always leave one space free between your predictions.

The spectator now names three cards without any prompting.  You take the cards named from the (blue) spectator's pack and attach them, face sides pointing to audience, to the empty clips between your prediction cards.

The star is given a spin and turns like a lucky wheel. At the same time you turn the whole stand around so that its rear side is facing the audience.

Once the star comes to a standstill, The predictions you have made are exactly the same as the cards chosen by the spectator.


-You make your predictions before the spectator does anything. You do not touch your prediction cards in the clips at any time thereafter.

-The star remains in full view the whole time, it is not covered, and it is not prepared in any way.

-The spectator names his or her cards freely; nothing is forced, switched or manipulated. The spectator may change his or her mind.

-No risk of failure, no spectators who are in the know - just fun, entertainment and amazement

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