CODE: BK0958


  • Full Color Throughout
  • Photographs
  • Story Boards
  • A Chapter About Building Mock-Ups
  • Scale Drawings
  • Extremely Detailed Plans
  • 3-D Views
  • Exploded Drawings Of Illusion Construction

The 8 illusions in the book include...

STEAM - The appearance of the Magician from steam coming from a network of pipes.

R/C CAR VANISH - A radio controlled car vanishes from its box and reappears on the far side of the stage.

COMPACT DECEPTION - The Magician turns a CD player into his assistant.

HEADZ UP - The assistant is cut into three pieces then the box opened to show the legs, torso and head all separated.

ALIEN ABDUCTION - An AREA51 routine in which an Alien vanishes and reappears in the Magician's place.

Each illusion design features detailed scale plans of the entire structure of the prop. All parts of the illusion are shown and described, including information on how to build them; materials to use and recommended finishes.

The book contains 156 Pages.

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