CODE: E 046A


This effect comes to us from merry old England. It has a great appeal to audiences all around the world. The magician shows some beautiful bikini clad ladies. While telling how these represent his girlfriends, the magician then explains how he chooses which one he will call for a date. By placing the cards basically into two piles, while counting she love me she loves me not, he chooses his date.

The magi then explains that he will allow the spectator to have a date with the lady of his choice. The only rule is that the spectator must follow the same rules as the magician. The spectator begins the count and eliminates the first date. It is of course the most beautiful of the girls. He continues until only one card remains. Before turning the card over to reveal the date the spectator is asked to give her a little kiss. When the card is turned over, instead of a bathing beauty, a horrible hag is the date. The picture is worth a thousand words.

All girls are fully clothed in bathing suits. This is the PG version of this effect.

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