Combines three effects together...

A dove cage is displayed, magician shows a silk.It flys out of his hand and goes into the cage, ending up with living doves inside the cage.  Another several doves are produced continuously.Place them inside the cage, then cover the cage with a foulard. Pick the cage up, instantly the cage and doves are gone, leaving the foulard completely empty.


  • Made of stainless steel and wood.
  • Equiped with brand new pneumatic positioning system, which provides accurate positioning when the cage disappears.The speed is adjustable.
  • World'first use of key chain controlling. The cage has no way to be pulled out without the key, it is safe even if  the spectator examines before or after the performance.
  • Designed with counter-padlock positioning device. This function can prevent the cage from vanishing accidently when pulled out because of the exceedsive shake of the table.
  • Compared with the traditional bilayer cloth, the monolayer cloth ,made of breathable fabric, is more artistic, simpler, the most important is to separate cage with the cloth completely and avoid the cloth to be sucked  in by the cage.
  • The amount of the doves that apprear with reel can do 1-4 doves generally, the amount of the vanishing, mainly depends on their size, can be 4-6 dove.

Full set includeds a dove cage disappearing table, mini remote control and a monolayer foulard.

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