2015 Photos

NOVEMBER 6-8 2015

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ADULT STAGE  CONTEST                 perlpurpleblink.gif     AWARDS perlpurpleblink.gif
CABARET SHOW perlpurpleblink.gif     CLOSE-UP CONTEST    perlpurpleblink.gif
CLOSE-UP SHOW perlpurpleblink.gif     DEALER'S ROOM perlpurpleblink.gif
FRIDAY DINNER  perlpurpleblink.gif     KID'S STAGE CONTEST     perlpurpleblink.gif
LECTURES perlpurpleblink.gif     MISCELLANEOUS      perlpurpleblink.gif
perlpurpleblink.gif     STROLLING  CONTEST  
Welcome to the 2015 pictures of the Daytona Festival of Magic. To view photos from this event, click on the flashing button next to the group of photos you wish to see. To see all the photo pages one at a time, click on the "More Pictures" arrow below.

I want to thank everyone who attended the convention and both Harry, Jack, Sandy and myself hope you had a great time. We raised $3,000.00 to help children who are less fortunate in our area through the Guardian Ad Litem Curcuit 7 Program. Thanks for your generosity. Hope to see you all next year. - Irv Cook

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