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Product Code: UP993A

This magic kit is exactly what it says, a collection of six classic magic tricks. Each one is guaranteed to bring gasps for your audiences and is a perfect way for someone to start a lifetime love of magic!

Included in this kit are...

Color Monte - Three cards are shown, two with a large red diamond in the middle, one with a blue diamond. Then the magician shows how he was "taken" with these cards. The gambler told him that if he could find the blue diamond card, he would win $1.00. A blue card apparently moved from top to bottom turns red. But the top one is also shown red, and the middle one is red, too!! So he lost $3.00. He tries to find the red one, and now the blue is on the bottom - and top- and in the middle! He's out $6.00. He claims the gambler has more than three cards, but they're counted, there are only three, and he loses another $1.00! Playing "double or nothing" he locates one blue and one red card, but looking for the other red he finds only a card marked $14.00 which is what he lost!

Cups And Balls - The Cups & Balls are one of the oldest tricks in magic. Most young magicians get their first set of cups as part of a magic set. This beautiful set consists of three cups made from the finest heavy plastic. There is so much you can do with a set of Cups & Balls, and this one makes you look like a pro. This is a wonderful trick for magicians of all ages.  You will be proud to own this effect.  Comes with the necessary pom-poms to do the effect.

Linking Rings - Ladies and gentlemen, I have eight solid, steel rings. As you can see, they are all separate. Now, one at a time I will link these beautiful, solid rings together and then I will take them apart again. That is the basic Linking Rings routine made even better with these wonderful rings. A classic of magic!
Lucky Magician -This is the greatest counter trick ever invented. Three magician cards are shown, each a different color. Your spectator is asked to choose any one of the colors. Miraculously, you prove to the spectator that you knew which of the three colors he would choose. Comes with specially printed cards and pen. This is a complete self-working trick which, requires no forcing.

Spoon Spinner - Two ordinary spoons are handed out for inspection. The spoons are taken and rubbed on your hair to create static. The spoons are then placed end to end and they stick together. They are then spun. The spoons are then parted and immediately handed out for inspection. This trick includes everything you need to perform the effect. It is a great idea with a very effective gimmick.

Thumbtip - Thumbtips are for everyone. With correct handling and one of these tips, you will fool 'em every time. You also get a 6" silk to help you mystify your audiences!

Booklet - 60 tricks that can be performed by anyone.

DVD - Complete instructional DVD that covers each effect in detail so that you can add to your repertoire today!

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