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Product Code: UP300A

This is a fantastic magic kit for beginning and intermediate magicians is also perfect for any Magic Clown or Kid's Magician. This entire kit gives you the ability to put together a great little show right out of the box!

Included in this kit are...

1 1/2" Sponge Balls (Set Of 4) - These colored sponge balls will allow you do do literally hundreds of magic tricks right in the palm of your hands!

1 1/2" Sponge Ball- The addition of this colored sponge ball will allow you to expand on the amazing magic that you can do with your set of 4 regular sponge balls! (Color of ball may vary from the cover image)

Multiplying Sponge Rabbits - This is a classic of close-up magic. Two sponge Rabbits (a mama and a papa) are shown to your spectators. Over the course of the routine, the rabbits will vanish from your hand and re-appear in the hands of your spectator! With a special surprise ending involving smaller baby rabbits, these sponge bunnies will delight audiences of all ages!

Square Ball Mystery - A single red sponge ball is shown to the audience when you ask them to play a game of "Follow The Bouncing Ball". You place the sponge ball into your hand but it mysteriously vanishes! After a few more tries, the audience think that they have caught on to where the ball is, but when you open your hand, the ball has magically changed into a sponge square! What's more, the ball has re-appeared into your pocket!
Coin Purse Frame - This fun prop will allow you to make many magical appearances and vanishes with your sponge balls!

Magic Wand - The standard utility prop of Professional Magicians for centuries!

Sponge Ball Booklet - This companion booklet gives you many more tips, ideas and routines to use with your sponge balls.

DVD - This DVD will give complete instructions on how to perform all of the effects in this kit with step-by-step lessons from Harry Allen. It's like having your own private magic teacher!

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