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Product Code: UP971A

This is a great kit for anyone who likes card magic! It's the perfect entry level set with literally hours of card effects! With this one kit, you will be on your way to entertaining friends and family alike with amazing magic that happens right at your fingertips! Chock full of card tricks, this set will provide literally hours of entertainment!

Included in this kit are...

Two Card Monte: With only two cards it should be easy for your spectators to keep up with you and tell exactly which card you have taken away. But try as they might, you will always be one step ahead!

Behind Your Back - You and the spectator each hold a pile of six cards. Placing them behind your backs, you mix the cards together and each select a card, placing it face down on the table. You then take the other's selected card and put it in your pile behind your back face up. Once the piles have been mixed, you place them both on the table. When the cards are spread, the only two cards in each pile facing up will match! Not only do they match each other but they are the only two cards in a pile of Jokers!

Color Changing Deck - A red (or blue) deck of cards is shown and a card is freely selected. With a magical pass, all of the cards in the deck change color except for the chosen card! A real up close miracle!

Dream Queen - Have the spectator freely name and of the four queens in a deck of cards. A small envelope is introduced with four cards inside. When the cards are spread, the named queen is the only card face up in the spread! Plus, it is the only card with a different colored back!

Invisible Deck - After some comical by-play with your spectator where they mime shuffling, spreading and selecting a card from an actual invisible deck, you ask them to name the card they selected. You then bring out a real deck of cards and spread through all 52 face down cards. Amazingly, their card is the only card that is face up in the deck! Can be instantly repeated over and over again with a completely different outcome each time!

Stripper Deck - This special utility deck allows you instant select the chosen card from a the deck at any time! You can perform literally hundreds of effects with this deck.

Svengali Deck - A deck of cards is freely shown to contain all different cards. The spectator selects a card form the deck and then returns it. After a few cuts and shuffles, their card keeps reappearing in several locations at the magicians' command! For a finale, you once again show that every card in the deck is different, and with a wave of your hand, every card in the deck changes to the spectator's selected card!

Close up Pad - The perfect surface for performing card and coin magic. This pad will let even the most casual viewer know that you are going to be performing some top notch magic!

Booklet - 125 tricks that can be performed with a regular deck of cards.

DVD - Complete instructional DVD that covers each card effect in detail as well as offering bonus card tricks that you can add to your repertoire today!

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