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Product Code: UP969A

This is a fantastic magic kit for beginning magicians and is also perfect for any Magic Clown or Kid's Magician. This entire kit gives kids the ability to put together a great little show right out of the box!

Included in this kit are...

Magic Change Bag - This versatile utility piece can be used to make things appear, vanish, change colors, do instant restorations, or switches. There is literally no end to what you can achieve with this great magic prop!

Flag Blendo Outfit - Six minature flags from different countries are placed into the change bag. With a magical pass, the flags fuse into a single large silk! Then, they magically seperate once again!

Card Silk Set -  A silk handkerchief with a blank playing card is show to the audience and placed into the magic change bag. Then a card is selected from a regular deck and caused to vanish via your favorite method. With a magical pass over the change bag, the silk is removed however, it is no longer blank, the selected card is now printed directly on to the silk!

Booklet With 101 Ideas For The Change Bag -  101 great routines that can used with the magic change bag.

Magic Wand - The standard utility prop of Professional Magicians for centuries!

DVD - This DVD will give complete instructions on how to perform all of the effects in this kit, as well as providing several bonus tricks that can be done with everyday objects!

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