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Harry & Wayne On The Road 
For those of you who would like to come and see us in person, but can't make it to Daytona anytime soon, (We hope you'll be here in November!) you can see Harry and Wayne when they come to visit you in your town. Here is their convention schedule for the coming year. Click on a convention date below to get more information about that particular show.

August 4th - 7th - Las Vegas, Nevada -  Magic Live Convention

August 30th - September 2nd - San Antonio, Texas -  T.A.O.M. Convention

October 2nd - 6th - Orlando, Florida -  Genii Convention

November 1st -3rd - Daytona Beach Florida -  Daytona Beach Festival of Magic Convention


January 16th - 18th - Columbus, Ohio - Magifest Convention

January 18th - 21st - Las Vegas, Nevada - S.A.M. Convention

July 8th - 11th - Pittsburg, Pennsylvania - I.B.M. Convention

September 4th - 7th - T.A.O.M. Convention

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